Peanuts Roasted (no skin)


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Peanuts Roasted (no skin)



Peanuts are an excellent source of calories for when you crave a tasty, but filling snack. The Nut Hub’s roasted and salted peanuts are incredibly moreish and are naturally high in good fats and protein. Containing significant quantities of vitamin E, folate, niacin, vitamin B6, magnesium and calcium, they offer a nutritional powerhouse that you will find incredibly delicious. The added sodium from the salt will also help to enhance the flavour and reduce salt imbalances.

  • Nutty by nature
  • Roasted and salted for extra crunchy pleasure
  • Contains a host of vitamins and minerals
  • Versatile and easy to cook with
  • A great source of healthy fats

It is intriguing to know that peanuts are not considered as nuts, they are in fact, peas. However, you will doubtless go nutty over them. When roasted and salted, they become even nuttier as their exclusive flavour is enhanced. Eaten on their own, crushed into a butter or tossed over a salad, The Nut Hub’s roasted & salted peanuts offer a delightful snack with a variety of benefits and uses.


Roasted Peanuts (96%), Palm oil, salt

Allergen Information:

Please see ingredients in bold. May contain traces of other nuts.

Remember small children can choke on nuts!

Nutritional information

Typical Values Per 100g
Energy    (2740kj) 655 kcal
Fat 54g
*of which saturates 12g
Carbohydrates 25g
*of which sugar trace
Fibre 12g
Protein 9.9g
Salt 1.2g


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