Wildflower Honey 250g & 400g


Wildflower Honey 250g & 400g





Polyfloral honey – a bouquet of goodness!

Wildflower honey is polyfloral honey made up of a mix of nectar from a variety of local wild flowers and herbs and has a distinctive look and taste that can vary depending on the flowers in bloom at the time. Thus, gives you a great wealth of taste and healing properties. In the composition of the Wildflower honey there’s a whole bouquet of intertwined vitamins, minerals and other beneficial substances extracted from the entire flora from which the busy bees have taken syrup from to make that honey. That’s why it is so well balanced and suitable for everyday consumption. Its impact upon the human body is extremely diverse and affects positively almost all organs and systems.

Honey is known to protect against illness due to its antioxidant qualities and it can even be used to treat coughs and colds with better results than some over the counter remedies – a fact that has been proven in tests. Honey from wildflowers is also thought to help people who suffer from seasonal allergies.

To feel healthier, stronger and more energetic you can consume Wildflower honey all year-round without worries about having any negative effects on your body. Your tone and your immune system will reach unknown heights. The recommended daily dose of bee honey is one to two grams per kilogram of bodyweight, which is roughly three tablespoons a day for an average-sized person.

Our honey is 100% raw and natural, giving you peace of mind when you enjoy it.

Buy & enjoy with confidence.

Disclaimer: Information provided is for informative purposes and guidance only. It should not be interpreted as a health advice or medical prescription, and should in no way be considered as a substitute for consultation with a doctor or pharmacist. For health advice, please always contact a qualified medical professional.


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